Gianmarco has shown his talent in simracing in just one year as a professional in Forza Motorsport.

Until he met this Xbox 360 videogame, Gianmarco was a soccer or shooting videogame player but everything has changed since then.

His wins in the FlagShip Store 2016 Tournament, the Bavarian Legend Cup Project Cars or the Playseat Challenge Forza Motorsport or his fourth place in the Ford Performance in his first experience with steering wheel endorsed him

It has several world records in Forza Motorsport, always with console control, and now he has gone a step forward in his career as simracer when acquiring his own steering wheel to compete at the highest level in iRacing.

Now joining this ambitious project in which he hopes to help bring MSI eSports to the top of simracing.





David began racing at the age of 4 on 2005 January 11th. He has been in radio control for 12 years, having several records in this class of motorsport so little recognized.

He is the youngest driver to be the all-time Spanish Champion and also the youngest driver to be European Junior Champion, snatching both records to Pedro Martínez de la Rosa.

After being 4th of the world in a competition of the simulator “Raceroom” with a 90° steering wheel and without Force Feedback he take the leap into iRacing in 2015. He saw soon that all his knowledge in radio control could be applied in the simulator, which helped him to grow quickly as a simracer.

At the moment, with 16 years, is 5-times Radio Control European Champion and 14th absolute. He is among the top 30 Spaniards in the Spanish ranking of iRacing and has managed to finish fourth with his previous team in the mythical 24 hours of Spa in 2016.

Now joining this ambitious project in which he hopes to help bring MSI eSports to the top of simracing.



Being motorsport lover from very little, Alvaro has grown surrounded by the passion for motorsport. This hobbie is linked to the passion that his father has for the world of the automobile. At the age of six he drove a kart for the first time, and from that moment he began to interest in everything with engine and wheels.

He started driving in PC simulators like F1 Challenge at a early age, where he managed to get 2 championships in private leagues nationwide. Later he won 2 more championships in the same national leagues to get a 3rd place finish in the championship “Formula Online” organized by the Royal Spanish Federation of Motorsports at rFactor. Finally and with the arrival of iRacing, Álvaro focused exclusively on this platform because there is a higher level of driving and professionalism on track.

Among his numerous victories in official series, highlights his performance in 2015 24H of Spa Francorchamps where he was P5 behind a GT3 wheel and his Qualifying world record in 2016 24H of Spa Francorchamps.

The first win at a special event was at 2H of Watkins Glen, where he managed to finish that multiclass race in first place and with 0 incidents, which gave him a special award from iRacing in recognition of his cleaning on the track. He is currently competing in the Blancpain GT Series of iRacing.

Now joining this ambitious project in which he hopes to help bring MSI eSports to the top of virtual motorsports.





Julian bought his first steering wheel at the beginning of 2012 and it began his passion for the simracing. His idea was to have fun and learn to make the most of the cars, so applying what he have learned in karts or circuits. It started with solo runs on Netkar Pro and LFS simulator without competing at the highest level, but everything changed when a few months later came a free-trial 6 month offer in iRacing.

It was hooked from the first day to its competition system leaving aside the rest of simulators. It took little to be competitive and in few months it obtained several championships and world records.

He joined Iberica Racing, the reference team in Spain in 2014 and from where he keeps great memories in team races, such as the victory in the 1000 km of Suzuka, the podium in the 24 hours of Nurbugring and the classification for The Blancpain World Championship in 2016 and 2017.

He has PRO WC license this season, will coordinate all activities on and off the track of the MSI eSports team and now joins this ambitious project in which he hopes to help bring Teo Martín Motorsport to the top of virtual motor racing .



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