Teo Martín eSports achieves a great comeback in the third VRS GT iRacing Series round

Teo Martín eSports did a great recovery in third VRS GT iRacing Series round held at Autodromo di Monza finishing P22 after starting from P45.

Julián Rodríguez and Álvaro Ramiro did a great race with no mistakes during all 3 hours that lasted the race in a not suitable track for the BMW Z4.

Julián did the first stint for the team and after a good start he climbed to P34 in first two laps and he still recovering places until reach P29 before first pit stop.

Rodríguez kept the good pace in second stint and then Álvaro Ramiro started his stint in P16 with one hour to go.

Then with Ramiro fighting with the best, the tyres lost their effectiveness in last five minutes and he went down to P22 to achieve the first points of the season.

Next VRS GT iRacing Series round will be held on May 19th with 3h of Silverstone.