Teo Martín eSports get another top-10 in NES fourth round at Nürburgring

Teo Martín eSports team has achieved a new top-10 finish in the NEO Endurance Series, this time in the fourth round of the championship at the Nürburgring.

After achieving the eleventh place on the grid, Julián Rodríguez was in charge of completing the first part of the race and he did it with a great pace and good overtaking that placed him P8 before the first pit stop.

With the first strategic movements of the teams, Julián came up to the sixth position before midrace when change of driver arrived and Álvaro Ramiro took the wheel.

The first laps kept the pace and feeling but a small error in turn 10 took the car against the wall causing damage that had to be repaired immediately with the consequent loss of time and positions.

When Álvaro hit the track still with 3 hours of race ahead he set a good rhythm that together with a solid strategy allowed him to climb again to P8 in which he crossed the finish line adding valuable points that allow the team to stay in the overall top 5.

The next appointment of the Teo Martín eSports team in the NEO Endurance Series will be next February 11th at Spa-Francorchamps.

P1 Pure Racing Team LMP 120
P1 CoRe SimRacing Prototype 84
P3 Thrustmaster Mivano Racing LMP #33  82 
P4 Thrustmaster Mivano Racing LMP #34 63
P5 Teo Martín eSports 55
P6 Vendaval Simracing 53