Teo Martin eSports triumph in first V8MGT event this year

Julián Rodríguez took the Pole and grabbed the victory in first V8MGT race of the season in Supercars division celebrated at Oulton Park circuit.

The Teo Martín eSports driver has the only one to break the 1:30 barrier and he achieved the first place with a 1:29:999 while his teammates Álvaro Ramiro and David Pérez were third and fourteenth respectively.

Julián lost the first place at the start but he was close to the leader with Alvaro until first pitstops while David climbed to P5 in just fifteen minutes.

After first pitstopts David took the lead until final ten minutes where all drivers stopped one more time excel Julian, who saved fuel during all the race and he didn’t need to stop again so he climbed to P1 with five minutes to go and a 20-secong gap with closest rival so he finally had a smooth victory with so much distance with the rest of the field while David Pérez crossed the finish line P4 and Álvaro Ramiro P5.

Next event for Teo Martín eSports is scheduled for Wednesday September 20th and that will be the kick-off for the V8MGT championship in its V8 divission at Oulton Park venue again with Víctor Lobato as representant on track.