Teo Martín eSports win 6 Hours of the Glen

Teo Martín eSports won the iRacing 6 Hours of the Glen de iRacing, a result that puts the icing to the weekend after starting the race frome Pole Position at the American track.

Julián Rodríguez took advantage of the privileged position at the start to impose his pace from the beginning being aware that in a short track and with the walls so close, managing the traffic would be key to fight for the victory and both he and his partner Álvaro Ramiro did that to perfection.

The team just left the first place during pitstopts and the battle was intese with Vendaval team during much of the race but an accident took them away from the fight for victory and everything was decided in last two stints.

Finally the hard work paid off and the team managed the gap with Infinity Motorsport and crossed the finish line in first pace, so that marks first win for the team since its inception in simracing world in June with second overall place in iRacing 24 Hours of Le Mans and another victory for Teo Martín Motorsport family.

Next race for the team will be será Petit Le Mans scheduled for September 30.


I’m really happy to get our first win for Teo Martin eSports. Although we started from Pole we knew that it would be tough for us because there were teams with very good pace. We made a perfect race managing the traffic very well and in the end we had the luck also on our side with Vendaval’s accident. The last 2 stints were quite intense knowing that we fought for the victory with Infinity Motorsport but we managed the gap until the end. Finally I want to thank to the whole team for the fantastic work for this race“.


Here it is finally the first win for Teo Martin eSports. After the great time in qualy of my teammate Julian, we knew that even starting from Pole the race was going to be very long and the traffic would decide those small details that gives you a good position in the end. This time the balance fell on our side with Vendaval’s accident because of the traffic although we had to keep tightening until the end because the pace of the pursuers was really good too. We ended up very happy to get our first victory in an endurance event that has reunited on track the best iRacing virtual drivers“.