Teo Martín Motorsport gives good fight in F3 at Hockenheim

Teo Martín Motorsport maintains the pulse with the Motorpark drivers after third Euroformula Open round of the year at Hockenheim.

Friday’s free practice helped all drivers to familiarize themselves with a new layout in the championship and on Saturday Aldo Festante took eighth place ahead of Lukas Dunner (9th) and Guilherme Samaia (14th).

The Austrian driver climbed to seventh place in the first lap with Festante tenth and Samaia staying fourteenth. That was when the Italian had a contact that forced him to retire and the Brazilian had to enter into the pitlane to change his front wing. At the end, Dunner was able to maintain seventh place until last lap while Samaia finished fourteenth.

The Sunday’s qualifying session had Lukas Dunner with the fifth fastest time ahead of Festante again eighth and Samaia (13th).

In the race, Festante did not finish the first lap after being involved in another crash while Dunner maintained the fifth place with Samaia ninth after a good start. The Austrian stayed behind the Motopark drivers and took advantage of Lawson’s mistake to advance to fourth place in which he crossed the finish line while Samaia finally finished eleventh after a tough battle with Cameron Das until the last lap.

Thus, Lukas Dunner is fourth in the standings with 74 points, Guilherme Samaia tenth with 26 and Festante is fifteenth with 5 points. The team is second in the standings with 32 points.

The next Euroformula Open will be held at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit on June 8-9.

ALDO FESTANTE: “We’ve showed great potential and we’re out with nothing, incidents happen and everyone can make mistakes but this is really hard to accept. However, these are the moments when strength must be shown and we are ready to fight back at Spa”. 

GUILHERME SAMAIA: “So, the weekend at Hockenheim was quite furstrating. I had an engine issue that the team couldn’t do anything about it. So I always went to track already defeated, it was a huge loss of about 7-10 km/h on the streights, that created an unrecoverable time  disadvantage throughout the lap… However there was a good side in which we kept developing the car’s performance on cornering and breaking, and in a great number of occasions we were the strongest ones on this areas. I trust the team will do a great job and have it solved for Spa“.

LUKAS DUNNER: “We definitely do not have the pace from the Germans – so far – Saturday wasn’t my best day, today I couldn’t do a lot more, thank you to the team, we knew it won’t be easy, and that makes it even more joyful, we have to work harder and harder!“.